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Local Matters! There's a reason that the "Local Web" is important to the Success of your business. That's where YOUR BUYERS are!

  • Local Matters & we're a TRULY Local Directory
  • Most Business is Local
  • Local search is the next marketing frontier.
  • 67% of Buyers are using Search Engines to find Local Businesses & Services
  • It's Local people looking for Local Goods & Services
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FLLocals Matters, It's where your customers are!

What is FLLocals?


FLLocals is a clean, crisp internet presence for your company.


In fact, FLLocals is a TRULY local directory. FLLocals is a Florida local company, that does local business in Florida, that will hire in Florida, will source from Florida and so on and so on.


FLLocals isn't like any other online listing directory you may have known or worked with before.


You have seen the rest; with their “Featured Listings” (for a price), “Also Serving This Area” (but located 100 miles away). The bottom line is those companies are at the least nationwide companies trying to appear local, ultimately they are not local.


A FLLocals Listing makes an impression and will convert your highly-informed buyers and have them engage with your business. Get your business found where buyers are looking by claiming your listing through FLLocals.


Why FLLocals? Why should you care?'s where you do business!


67% of Buyers are using search engines (ie. Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.) to find what they're looking for.


Most of these searches are for Locally based Catagorical products and services.


Our FLLocals listings takes a Buyer's targeted search traffic and sets it up for a conversion.



Get your FLLocals Listing today!


Oh, by the way...


...Big Business can not buy a featured spot. It's one FL listing per local location.


It's first come, first serve and your FLLocals listing will not appear until you put it there.



Frequently Asked Questions and Answers:

  • How much is it to become a FLLocals Member?

    $Zero, Zilch, Nada, ZIP! We want to share our Integrated Marketing insights with Like-Minded businesses and individuals to improve your chances of success.

  • How much is a FLLocals Listing?


    SILVER LISTING is $17.76 per Year. It's your "online" business card like option.


    GOLD LISTING is $17.76 per Month. It's your "virtual" brochure like option.


    PLATINUM LISTING is $56 per Month. It will be our "interactive" brochure option. The Platinum Listing (Coming Soon) will include your videos, audios, contact forms, reservation requests and more.

  • What is with all the Red, White and Blue, the $17.76 pricing, etc.?

    We believe if we take care of our immediate Communities; Our Communities will take care of our Counties; Our Counties will take care of our State; Our State will take care of our Florida and ultimately be in an active, strong position to contribute to our beloved USofA.

  • Why is FLLocals so cheap?

    We believe our FLLocals listing are pound for pound, dollar for dollar, the best advertising option for your FL Local Business. We have worked very hard to keep our overhead down to be able to support these prices.

  • Why does similar lists and online directories charge so much more?

    Our answer: That's why they're in business! We believe our business exist to serve our communities. If FLLocals can bring forth a real movement to Look Local First and bring sales into our FLLocals businesses, have these FLLocals businesses create real FL jobs and develop a real community pride. We believe our numbers will take care of themselves.

  • Why should I get a listing on FLLocals?

    Because you're in business in FL. We believe you should at the least try to hire & source from Florida. We will! We get it, our country doesn't make much, we don't supply anything - well maybe that will change too. Get your FLLocals Listing. We won't let you down.

Customer Reviews

Excellent Resource

Excellent resource and a terrific way to generate exposure for your business.

Tim Timoteo
Berry Fresh Cafe

FLLocals is the only way to go

FLLocals is the only way to go. Our guest really appreciate the fact we buy local and fresh whenever possible. Our guest prefer us over national chains and FLLocals has exposed Berry Fresh Cafe to more guests that really appreciate what we provide.Eat fresh, Buy Local and be well. Thank you for all your support.

Jay Hennessy
The Lane Spa

Lane Spa gets new leads from FLLocals

Lane Spa gets new leads monthly from FLLocals and we love to care for the locals

Greg Tammany

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